Lord of the Fallen – Patch 1.4 veröffentlicht

Lords of the Fallen
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Die allgemeine Verbesserung der Spielstabilität spielt bei dem neuestem Patch eine zentrale Rolle. Mit dem Upgrade auf Version 1.4 soll Lords of the Fallen vor allem bei der PC Fassung weniger Probleme mit Verbindungsabbrüchen beim Game-Controller haben. Des Weiteren gehören Probleme beim Respawn ebenso der Vergangenheit an wie die fehlerhafte Anzeige bei den Schadenswerten im Inventar.

Größere Updates und neue Inhalte sollen laut den Entwicklern übrigens im Januar 2015 folgend. Man munkelt, dass dann auch die Story-Erweiterun Ancient Labyrinth eingefügt wird.

Alle Patchnotizen zu Lords of the Fallen 1.4 haben wir für euch im Überblick zusammengestellt:

  • Fixed the Catacombs pit breaking the save file
  • Players cannot skip/exploit the tutorial Rhogar Marauder (sorry speedrunners!).
  • Fixed death while healing, which caused respawn in death pose.
  • Fixed the conditions for final boss special loot – it’s actually doable now!
  • Commander boss becoming idle during fight is now extremely improbable.
  • Fixed the „die after respawn“ issue both in Catacombs and in Solitude.
  • Post Chromashift setting is now optional.
  • Fixed a nasty visual bug when using Shelter spell.
  • Fixed Kaslo blocking the Planetarium entrance (#StopTheTappening).
  • Fixed Annihilator being permanently slowed down under certain conditions.
  • Saving the game without losing the Experience Multiplier is now possible (press L3 while saving), and regular saving does reset it.
  • Fixed the exploit allowing to keep Best permanently stunned.
  • Daze spell will no longer influence bosses, as it could easily have been exploited.
  • Fixed the triggering of cutscene with two imprisoned Monks in Catacombs.
  • Fixed the quest with Crippled Rhogar NPC, where under certain conditions, obtaining the reward was unnecessarily blocked.
  • The appearance of portal ending the Chamber of Lies made more intuitive.
  • Fixed the incorrect damage values displayed in Inventory.
  • Fixed Harkyn being able to pass through an intact secret breakable walls.
  • Fixed the unnatural contrast changes (especially visible in Keystone exteriors).
  • Fixed greatswords not dealing damage after parrying.
  • [PS4] Screen tearing significantly reduced.
  • [PC] Fixed several issues with disconnecting the gamepad controller.
  • Fixed the Catacombs bossfight arena lever inactive under certain conditions.
  • Fixed loot disappearing from chests upon death.
  • Tweaked the hitboxes for Champion boss.
  • Found and fixed few Hunter (crossbow) buggers who tried to shoot you through walls.
  • Fixed some locks disappearing from treasure chests.