Ark: Survival Evolved – Patch 256 veröffentlicht

Entwickler Wildcard Studios hat einen neuen Patch für Ark: Survival Evolved auf den Weg gebracht. Das Update mit der Version 256 löscht diverse Bugs aus und implementiert auch zähmbare Titanboas in die virtuelle Welt des Titels.

Ark: Survival Evolved Patch 256
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Und wieder einmal gibt es neuen Content für Ark: Survival Evolved in der Form eines Patches. Das Update 256 legt zwar den Fokus auf die Technik, doch auch neue Features werden integriert.

So wurden diverse Fehler und Kinderkrankheiten mit Update 256 behoben. Außerdem dürfen sich die Fans über eine neue Server Option freuen. Diese zwingt wilde Dinosaurier bei einem Serverneustart zu spawnen. Auch Gilden und Allianzgrößen können so limitiert und von den Administratoren eingestellt werden.

Als neue Kreatur lässt sich jetzt die Titanboa zähmen und für seine Zwecke gebrauchen.

Alle Details zu Patch 256 von Ark: Survival Evolved könnt ihr in den folgenden englischen Original Patchnotizen nachlesen:

Patchnotizen für Ark: Survival Evolved Patch 256

– Tameable Titanoboas!
– New Server Option: Force Respawn of Wild Dinos on Server Restart! Enabled by default on official servers, this will force weekly respawns of dinos on all servers to prevent certain dino types (like the Basilo and Spino) from becoming depopulated on long running servers. (?ServerAutoForceRespawnWildDinosInterval=SECONDS). Note in some cases this may not work more than once, we may have solved the case but we’re looking into it 😉 .
– New Server Option: Tribe Size and Alliance Size Limits! The new tribe member limit is defaulted to 70 players and the new alliance per tribe limit is defaulted to 10 on official servers (MaxAlliancesPerTribe=# and MaxTribesPerAlliance=# in Game.ini). Note: Values may be off by 1 (looking into it!), so just pick your number and then add 1 to it.
– Platform Saddles are now limited to maximum 40 saddles per tribe. Each platform saddle (with structures) counts as 19 tribe tame slots (?PersonalTamedDinosSaddleStructureCost=19 & ?MaxPersonalTamedDinos=40).
– 1/4 sized Ragnarok map update (the „Southwest Update“):
– Eggs no longer fall through structures during rendering.
– Baby ovis should no longer fall through structures after being born.
– Players can now escape being grappled by any enemy by using tools with blades to „cut“ the line.
– Turrets now have a Players Only mode which targets players riding on dinos before targetting the dino.
– Crops can now be fertilized be pressing E on them instead of having to open the inventory.
– Hatching and Gestation progress bars now include countdown timers as well as percentages.
– The structure limit is now properly indicated to the player once the limit is reached.
– Containers/structure inventories now indicate how many slots are full without having to open them.
– Corrected spelling of Pulminoscorpius.
– Pump action shotgun pellets per shot increased from 10 to 12 (20% damage increase on full hit), initial spread decreased from 10 to 7.5, and max cone size at full range decreased from 100 to 75 degrees.
– Decreased the stun on humans from shocking tranq darts from 5 seconds to 2 seconds.
– Fixed 3 exploits used to get under the world map.
– When structures or tames are deleted due to the PVE timer expiring it is now properly communicated in the tribe log.
– Huge perf gains, may vary based on system configuration due to upgrading to the latest Unreal Rendering code. After changing your in game settings, be sure to restart your clients!



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