Call of Duty Black Ops 4 – Änderungen im Blackout-Modus

Bereits am letzten Wochenende gab es den ersten größeren Patch für Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, nun folgt bereits das nächste Update, inkl. neue Features.

Call of Duty Black Ops 4
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Mit dem jüngst veröffentlichten Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Update ändert sich beim Ego-Shooter unter anderem etwas im Battle-Royale-Modus „Blackout“. Zum einen beträgt die maximale Spieler-Anzahl bei Duos nun 100 Spielern, bisher waren es 88 Spieler. Bei Quads bleibt die Spieler-Anzahl unverändert bei 88 Spieler. Des Weiteren dürfen sich PC-Spieler über einen Crash-Fix freuen.

Darüber hinaus hat das Entwicklerstudio Treyarch natürlich auch eine Vielzahl an Fixes mit dem Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Update beseitigt. Auch soll sich die Stabilität des Clienten erheblich verbessert haben.

Anbei eine vollständige Liste der Änderungen:


• General stability improvements and crash fixes.

• The Featured playlist tiles for Multiplayer and Blackout have changed today. This is part of the regular rotation of Featured playlists – more details to come on how Featured playlists will work in Black Ops 4 in a separate update.


– 100-Player Duos
•100-Players Duos is now the Featured playlist for Blackout.

– 88-Player Quads
• Quads playlist is now 88 maximum players. We’re continuing to update various game settings to ensure the best experience for all players across all platforms and modes.


– Playlist Updates

• Featured playlist changed to Heist.
• TDM playlist now supports parties of 6 (was previously 5).

– Custom Games

• Custom Search and Destroy games will now correctly conclude after one team wins 6 rounds total, fixing an issue where custom games previously ended at round 7.

– Miscellaneous

• Addressed a crash caused by earning multiple Medals in a match.


• Addressed a UI error caused by losing Internet connection in split screen.

We’ve also made the following additional update specific to PC:

Stability Improvements

• Fixed a crash occurring during initial boot of the game for some users.
• Fixed a crash when disconnecting from a Blackout match.
• Fixed a crash occurring when multiple windows were broken simultaneously in a Blackout match.
• Fixed a crash when browsing unlockable Items.
• Fixed crashes occurring when changing texture quality.
• Improved handling of „Out of Memory“ errors.
• Additional stability fixes listed in today’s update from /u/TreyarchPC:

• Addressed an issue that caused Hellhounds to exhibit some very… un-doglike behavior in Zombies.

• „Object View Distance“ setting now properly renders objects further on „High“ than on „Low“ in Blackout.

In addition to the topics listed in our previous updates over the past week, we’re currently tracking the following recent topics:

Zombies Easter Egg Quests
• We’re aware of some instability issues currently affecting the Easter Egg quests, and will address these in a major update coming soon. Thanks for your patience.

Multiplayer Audio
• We’ve seen some reports of audio volumes in Multiplayer not sounding quite as expected, particularly with footsteps. We’ve passed these onto the appropriate teams for evaluation. In the meantime, please be sure to try out the different custom presets in our Audio settings under Options on consoles to find a mix that works best for you.

PC Hellion Salvo Crash
• PC players will currently crash when equipping a weapon camo and Fast Lock attachment on the Hellion Salvo launcher. We’re fixing this in an upcoming update – in the meantime, please avoid using this camo/Attachment combination on the Hellion Salvo to prevent crashing.

Teammate Names Disappearing
• Some players are reportedly seeing their teammates‘ player names disappearing temporarily during MP matches, making it difficult to tell friend from foe. We’re investigating this as well.

Xbox One Deluxe Edition Items

We’re aware some users are still having trouble accessing their Shadowman and Classified content consistently on Xbox One, even after manually downloading the items. We’re continuing to investigate to see what can be done on our end to solve this.