Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire – Patch mit Mod-Support

Fans von Modifikationen, die gleichzeitig auch Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire spielen, dürfen frohlocken. Denn die Entwickler haben einen neuen Patch mit offiziellen Mod-Support veröffentlicht. Das Update ist allerdings erst als Beta verfügbar und könnte demnach einige Fehler beinhalten.

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire
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Die Modding-Gemeinschaft in Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire wächst, doch für viele Spieler ist das langsamer als erhofft. Der Grund dafür könnte am fehlenden Mod-Support liegen und somit auch an der relativ schwierigen Installation der Modifikationen. Doch die Entwickler haben Abhilfe geschaffen und endlich ein neues Update veröffentlicht, das den offiziellen Mod-Support nachreicht.

Der Mod-Manager hilft den Spielern die Mods zu installieren und auch zu verwalten. Bevor die Freude allerdings zu groß ist, das passende Update ist noch in der Testphase. Demnach also nur als Beta-Version veröffentlicht. Wer trotzdem eine Installation wagt, der sollte durchaus mit Fehlern rechnen. Des Weiteren können sich nur Besitzer der Linux und der PC-Version über den Patch freuen. Alle anderen müssen noch warten.

Neben dem Mod-Support kümmert sich das Update außerdem noch um zahlreiche Fehler, die einem bisher das Leben schwer machten.

Im Folgenden findet ihr die wichtigsten Punkte des neuesten Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire Patches:

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire – Build Updates

Linux Build is now available!
If you have any issues with this Linux update, please try restarting your steam client.
Deleting mods, using the up/down arrows for load priority, and clicking the refresh button now work properly.
Fixed a rare issue where sometimes save games couldn’t be loaded.
Fugue Spore poison Charm effect has been changed to Confused and its duration has been slightly increased.
Resolved an issue where some entries in the Companion Relationship history UI were blank.
Sungrazer Flail Extinction Event can no longer trigger off of its own attack.
All consumables now have a scaling keyword on their base ability to ensure that each one properly benefits from scaling.
Scroll of Circle of Protection will now play VFX properly and end its duration.
Scroll of the Helpless Beast is now PL 0 and scales only with Arcana and Power Level bonuses.
Potion of Form of the Fearsome Brute no longer scales its Ogre form passive effects based on attributes.
Frost Bomb is now properly set to PL 0, so it will no longer receive scaling penalties.
Wahai Poraga now has the correct Penetration value from pollaxe data.

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire – Build Updates

New Features

Added mod support for character backgrounds, voice sets, and Classes.
Mod Manager added!
We have just put in a Mod Manager to work with Nexus Mods. We’re still working out the kinks though. Here are some of the known issues we are working on.
Known Issues:
Unable to delete mods, refresh list or move mods on priority list.
View Documentation button leads you to eternity.obsidian.net.
Part of UI does not scale properly at low resolutions.
Localized text is not yet in.
Long titles are displayed in very tiny font.
The Player Stash now has a search feature.
Holding shift while selling things from your stash will now add items without prompting the player about stack sizes.
Reputation screen now displays the player choices that led to changes with the companions’s relationship.
New UI for Crew Injuries has been Added.
Added UI to recommend which companions to bring on quests relevant to those companions.

Major Fixes

Fixed an issue where party members who were knocked out during a save state would be dead but still be in the party upon loading the save.
Players no longer spiritshift when drinking from the pool at Outcast’s Respite. This was causing issues with equipment missing upon loading a save where the user was spiritshifted.
Various CPU performance improvements have been made across the game.


Players can no longer pickpocket their party members that aren’t in the current party.
Fixed an issue where Vela would disappear from the player ship when wanting to bark at a party member.

User Interface

The tool tip that breaks down player health in the character sheet now displays the proper amount of health.
All active animal companion abilities now properly display on both the Ranger and animal companion ability bars.
Fixed problems with the ability bar detecting the active/queued state of modal abilities in no modal group.


Sky Dragon Wurmling pet now properly appears when importing Pillars of Eternity 1 saves
Fog of War & Line of sight calculations have been made more precise.
Player Ship now always displays a World Map icon (addresses rare instances where the game could get stuck in this state previously)
Heart of Fury has been removed from the default AI behavior so as not to proc too soon and use rage when enemies are not in melee.
Close to Board now deals less damage to player ships to better match a player continuously moving at Full Sail.
The in-game year has been fixed to show the year 2828.
Enemies affected by Dismissal no longer stay alive and become permanently untargetable.
Monastic Unarmed Training now replaces the character’s default unarmed attack with the base Monk attack.
2H Melee Weapons have each received +1 additional Penetration.
Effigy’s Resentment Zahua +15% Buff Duration -> +5%.
Effigy’s Resentment Caroc +1 Pen While Stealthed -> +1 Weapon Penetration vs Kith.
Charmed is now removed if the charmed character is damaged by their new allies.
Alchemy Skill no longer affects „Poison“ keyworded spells and abilities. (It still affects applied poison consumables)
Prices of Galleon and Junk ships have been doubled.
FogOfWar now resets its „Disabled“ state when OnGameStateReset events are called.
Consumables are no longer affected by Might, Intellect, or Perception bonuses.
Consumables now only scale up from their respective skill and status effects that modify Power Level (they are longer affected by character level).
Consumable effects were also re-balanced to scale from base level 0 upwards (to match skill advancement from 0). This will also prevent penalties from appearing when using higher skill items.
Figurine Items are now charged items with an additional limit of 1/Rest use.
Class Role entries are no longer hidden in the glossary.
Marine Godlike Water immunity now only applies to hostile effects.
Removed game data related to cut ability „Gift of Hope“